Composer 2: How do I add a New Program to my Calendar?

To create a new program:

  1. Make sure that you are looking at the main Calendar. Click on the Calendar link in your yellow admin bar to go to that page if you are not sure.

  2. Click on the grey/blue Add Program button. This will take you to the Program Details page.

  3. Enter the name of your program.

  4. Select whether or not your program is syndicated.

    • A. If the program that you are creating is a local, non-syndicated program, make sure that Not Syndicated is selected in the Syndicated? dropdown.

    • B. If the program that you are creating is a syndicated news or music program, select the title of the syndicated program from the Syndicated? dropdown. If the program is not listed, select Not Syndicated.

  5. Select your program’s Program Format.

  6. Enter a short description for your program. Note: This description will display in calendar, so it should be very short. We recommend leaving this field blank.

  7. Enter the full URL of your program’s webpage. Note: We recommend linking to a program page on your site where possible.

  8. Enter the Twitter handle for your program, where applicable.

  9. Enter the Facebook name for your program, where applicable.

  10. The Configure Metadata Display for Widgets section allows you to customize what data displays in your widgets. If you do nothing with this section, all of the fields listed will display. Use the checkboxes to customize which widgets will display. (optional)

  11. In the Airtime section, select the Day(s) that your program airs at your station.

  12. Select the Time that your program airs.

  13. In the Date field, enter the first day that you want the program to show up on your show up in your schedule in the Start Date field.

  14. If your program will be running indefinitely, leave the End Date field blank. However, if your program will only air for a definite amount of time, add that date to the End Date field.

  15. Note how often the airtime repeats in the Repeats every dropdown.

  16. If your program airs at different times on different days, click on the Add a New Airtime and create a separate airtime for each.

  17. Click on the green Save button to save your new program.

Note: The Ended Airtime(s) section will be empty for now. Once you have airtimes that end, they will display in that section.

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