Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Understanding your Master Subscriber Data Extension

Your Master Subscriber Data is your Master List that is connected to your email sign up page (a.k.a, the profile page).

To view your Master Subscribers list, go to SUBSCRIBERS>>DATA EXTENSIONS and navigate to your Master Subscriber Data field on the left.
The below Fields are connected to your profile page:
  • PERS_FirstName_str
  • PERS_LastName_str
  • CTCT_Email_em
  • CTCT_NewsletterSelection_str
When subscribers sign up via your profile page, their responses will be fed into these fields.

Each station's Master Subscriber List was pre-loaded with a standard set up fields as a starting point to work with within.  An outline of the standard fields are available here.

Please submit a ticket if you have additional fields you need added to your Master Subscriber Data Extension.

Questions? Having Trouble? Contact Station Relations.


NPRDS-SMC-Master-Data-Extension-Fields.xlsx NPRDS-SMC-Master-Data-Extension-Fields.xlsx

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