Composer 2

Composer 2: How do I Delete a Playlist?

To delete a playlist: 1. Navigate back to the Episode Details page for the playlist that you want to delete. 2. Click on the Playlist Options link. 3. Click on the Clear Playlist link to delete all of the s...

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Composer 2: Exporting Playlist Data from Composer 2

Exporting a playlist from Composer 2: You can export your playlists for a specified date range for reporting purposes. To export a playlist: Click on the Import/Export option in your beige admin bar. Cl...

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Composer 2: How do I Display Composer 2 Content on my site?

Displaying Composer 2 Content on Your Site If you are using Core Publisher, your Composer 2 data is automatically displayed on your Schedule (/schedule) and Search Playlist (/search_playlists) pages. Also, y...

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