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Core Publisher: What is an RSS Block?

There is one treatment for the RSS Block. Use the RSS Block to feature up to ten posts from a RSS feed in a block on your homepage. You can choose to use a Core Publisher-generated RSS feed, or a feed from an ...

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Core Publisher: How can I add a block of Posts related by Category on my homepage?

Use the Category Block to feature up to five posts on your homepage from either your /news, /npr-news or one of your Category pages. Category Blocks allow you to create more focused content blocks to draw your ...

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How do I update my CName Record as a part of the Core Publisher HTTPS transition?

As we have previously communicated, we are transitioning all Core Publisher sites to HTTPS to provide a more secure experience for you and your web visitors. What you need to know: As a part of this transition...

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How do I use the NPR embeds for MidTerm Elections 2018?

NPR 2018 MidTerm Election Night Live Blog and Big Board Embeds Member stations will be able to embed NPR’s live blog with running coverage throughout election night, including discussions of key race-calls...

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What are the benefits of having NPR host my Core Publisher site's DNS?

A site's DNS is that the path you and your users take to reach in your browser. For example, when you type in your browser address bar, DNS figures out which server hosts your website. Th...

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