Smart Speakers

How can my audience listen to my stream on an Alexa device?

Listeners with an Amazon or Alexa-enabled device (including users of the Amazon Alexa Android app on a mobile device) can invoke your station stream using both the NPR and TuneIn skills using specific voice com...

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How can my audience listen to my stream on a Google Home device?

Listeners with a Google smart speaker device (not including users of Google Assistant on a mobile Android device) can invoke your station stream through both NPR and TuneIn using specific voice commands. To li...

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Where does the information that Amazon and Google smart speaker devices use for my station come from and how can I update it?

Both Amazon and Google pull station data for their smart speaker streaming services (including the Amazon Alexa Android mobile app but not including the Google Assistant function on Android phones) from Station...

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How can I troubleshoot issues with my stream on Amazon or Google smart speaker devices with my listeners?

If you receive a report from a listener that your stream is not available via one or more smart speaker devices, you can always submit a ticket and we would be happy to take a look. There are a few things that...

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How do I get my station aligned with Apple smart speaker devices?

How do I get my station stream aligned with Apple Music? NPR is the first provider of news/talk content on Apple Music. As of January 2018, more than 120 public radio stations have joined the Apple Music NPR N...

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