What are the NPR One reports?

The Station Analytics Service provides dashboards that will give you access to detailed data about the performance of your station’s content on NPR One. We’ve designed the dashboards to give you actionable information that can help you make better editorial and curatorial decisions on NPR One, broadcast and beyond.  


The overview dashboard provides top level metrics on the number of listeners localized to your station on NPR One and the amount of time they spend with NPR One. You can also see the overall number of listens and completion rates for your station newscasts, story segments and podcasts. Charts on this first dashboard will give a sense of when your audience is listening to NPR One so that you can meet demand with fresh content.  


The drilldown reports will allow you to see even more specific metrics about your audience’s preferences and listening behaviors. Here you’ll be able to see the average rate of completion for individual stories, podcast episodes and newscasts. We’re also introducing two new metrics on these dashboards. The first is the Average Rate of Completion vs. Expected. This is a measure of average completion compared to stories or episodes of similar length. A rating above 0 means your story over-performed average, below 0 means an underperformed average. This metric allows you to compare the performance of stories of different length to learn which topics and story-telling techniques are most engaging to your audience. The second new metric is Love Rate. This is a measure of the percent of listeners who liked or shared a piece of content. It suggests deeper engagement with a story or episode.


For suggestions on how to use these reports, click here or for more details, click here.


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