How can my audience listen to my stream on an Alexa device?

Listeners with an Amazon or Alexa-enabled device (including users of the Amazon Alexa Android app on a mobile device) can invoke your station stream using both the NPR and TuneIn skills using specific voice commands.

The NPR skill pulls in your station’s information from StationConnect. Specifically, the name that listeners use to “call” your station is the Station Display Name and stream URL is the primary URL for your station in StationConnect.

To use the NPR skill to listen to your station stream:
Say Alexa, play NPR.
If this is your first time using the NPR skill, you will be asked to select a station or browse by location. If you have used the skill before, you will be served the stream that you most recently requested.

The TuneIn skill pulls in station name and stream URLs from their own database.

To use the TuneIn skill:
Say Alexa, play [station name or call letters].
Note: Because the TuneIn skill is controlled by a third party, we cannot update or control your stream URL or station name.

(Updated March 2019)

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