What are the benefits of having NPR host my Core Publisher site's DNS?

A site's DNS is that the path you and your users take to reach in your browser.  For example, when you type in your browser address bar, DNS figures out which server hosts your website. The DNS host is responsible for managing the servers that make your site available for visitors. Core Publisher stations have two options for hosting the DNS of their Core Publisher sites.

Option One: Some stations choose to host the DNS for their Core Publisher site. These station teams are responsible for making necessary DNS updates and managing their server's stability to ensure that their Core Publisher site is up and available. 

Option Two: We host DNS for many of our Core Publisher station sites. The benefit of allowing us to host DNS for you is that NPR is responsible for updating and maintaining your DNS and the stability of your site at all times.

What are the benefits of having NPR host my Core Publisher site DNS?

There are several benefits to hosting your DNS with NPR:
  • It's free (with a signed MSA).
  • Whenever we make major feature enhancements to Core Publisher, your site would receive them first.
  • We are monitoring your site 24/7, so we will be able to quickly address any issues as they arise.
  • In disaster recovery situations, you can feel confident that your site will remain up and running so you can continue to provide important information to your community. 
Note: NPR does not assume ownership of your station's site domain when hosting DNS. Your station will still be responsible for any annual renewals. 

DNS can be confusing to change and one mistake can cause your site to be down for up to 24 hours. By hosting through NPR, our skilled system administrators will make any DNS updates needed for your domain for you. 
If you are interested in hosting through NPR, please contact Station Support by submitting a ticket.

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