How do I use the NPR embeds for MidTerm Elections 2018?

NPR 2018 MidTerm Election Night Live Blog and Big Board Embeds

Member stations will be able to embed NPR’s live blog with running coverage throughout election night, including discussions of key race-calls and nationwide analyses. There are also separate embed codes for nationwide "boards" containing key House races, all Senate races, all gubernatorial races, and key ballot initiatives (ballot initiatives are limited to a small set offered by the AP). In addition, live election results for each state will monitor ballot measures and races for governor, Senate and House. 

  • Live Blog 
  • Big boards:
    • US House 
    • US Senate 
    • Gubernatorial
    • Ballot initiative 
  • Balance of power
  • State results
For full details including embed code, images, and social assets please visit Please find step by step details on how to set up the embeds on your Core Publisher website.

Core Publisher Users: Please note, these embed codes are all too long to put into Promo Blocks for your homepage. You are encouraged to write posts instead, and use the curated story blocks to present them. There are many advantages to doing this, from social sharing to analytics, and increasing engagement with your visitors.

STEP 1: Find the Sample Text and Embed Code
1. Visit this resource URL:
On this page, you will find links to sample copy text as well as embed/widget code

1. Log into your Core Publisher website
2. Click on “Add Content” in the grey admin bar
3. Select “Post”
4. Enter a custom “Headline”, “Byline”, and “Category”
5. Paste the sample copy text you retrieve from the Midterm Elections resource page into the “Body” field in your post. 
6. Download the recommended image for your widget, also found at the Midterm Elections resource page. Place it into your Slideshow. Credit NPR.
7.  In the WYSIWYG editor, select the “Source” button
8. Copy the embed code you for the widget you'd like to insert in this page from the widgets list and paste below your intro text in the <source> area of the post. 
9. Use the Sidebar to separate your body content from DFP underwriting content that appears in the post. If you'd like to remove the ads from the post, review DFP instructions for custom targeting:
STEP 4: Highlighting Your Post on Your Core Publisher Site
1. On the post creation page, add “Tags and Related Content” of your choice
2. Update your “Story Treatment” accordingly
3. Select your “Story Settings”
4. Click the green “Publish” button

STEP 5: Visit the Block Factory Your Posts Across Your Site
1. Visit "Configure Core Publisher" and find the “Block Factory” to create a block to highlight the embeds:
  • Use a 3 story curated block and build out the House, Ballot, Senate trackers together.
  • Use a 1 story curated block for the NPR news live blog with the balance of power at the top.
  • Use a Large Promo Block on your homepage
  • Add Header and subheader text to the block
  • Use the Call to Action to link to the post you've created, and place the link (in full) to the post in the URL field. 
  • Save your block, deploy it onto your homepage.
If your station does not use Core Publisher
Your steps will be different based on those above based on your content management system, but you should be able to copy the embed code and place it into your <source> on a post without any difficulty, and utilize your CMS's layout/presentation layer to highlight your posts very similarly. 


See How Your Post Performed (optional)
During the night:
Use Chartbeat for real-time measurement of page engagement including time on post & scrolling activity.
1. Login to your Core Publisher site
2. Click “Find Content” and find the real-time analytics at
the top of any page
3. Click the “Expand Dashboard” on the top right to see
more details
4. Find “More analytics” at the bottom of the chart and
click on “Chartbeat” for deeper analytics
5. Or, login to Chartbeat directly
Step 6: See How Your Post Performed (optional)
After the election:
Use Google Analytics understand how users found this page.
1. Sign into Google Analytics here
2. Locate the navigation on the left
3. Click on Behavior > Site Content > All pages
4. Adjust the time range in the upper right of the page, it
defaults to the last 30 days
5. Locate the search function at the top of the data table
6. Paste your live block post URL into the field and click
the search icon to filter the report to that page
7. Use the “Secondary Dimension” drop down to add
“Default Channel Grouping” which is found under the acquisition group.
8. You may also want to look at items like “User Type”, which will tell you how much traffic was new to your site, or “Device Category”, which will indicate how much traffic came from desktop, mobile, or tablet.


We will be monitoring our NPR +Friends slack group for any issues on Election Night in the #npr-live-factcheck channel. If you don’t already have an account, sign up here, and if your URL isn’t yet white listed, request an by submitting a helpdesk ticket.

For emergency digital support on Election Night, please contact the NPR Station Support team at 888-225-3419. Any other assistance can be obtained in the usual manner by submitting a ticket through the support center (even after hours!) on Election night.  

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