What do I do if I am having trouble with the new Audio Downloads Report?

Q: The report page still shows a “Loading…” message after several seconds.
A: For longer date ranges, the report could take longer to load as it has to query a bigger dataset and render all the audio files in the tables.  But it should never take more than 12 seconds. If it does, click Submit again or refresh the page.

Q: Some files that should belong to podcasts are not showing up in the Program Drilldown report for that podcast.  
A: All audio files that appeared on a podcast’s RSS feed that we had in our system should be appropriately associated.  However, if a correction was made to audio and a new file was uploaded to replace an existing file in the RSS feed, we may only be aware of the newest file. For corrections made after 10/5/2018, we are now logging all previous versions.  For corrections made prior to 10/5/2018, we are only aware of the most current file that appeared in the RSS feed.

Q: Some podcasts or audio files that I expected to see are missing
A: Remember we can only track audio downloads for audio that we host through or on sites where you’ve set us up to retrieve log files over FTP. If you’re sure we have access to the log files for your audio, but you don’t see those files showing up here, submit a ticket and we’ll take a look to see what’s going on.

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