Core Publisher: How can I feature a Post on my homepage using a One Story Curated Block?

A One Story Curated Block allows you to feature one story that you either create locally or pull from the NPR Story API on your homepage.

To create a One Story Curated Block:
Note: All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required to save your new block.
  1. Click on the Add block link in the Block Factory box in your Core Publisher admin.
  2. Select Curated Block from the Choose Block Type list.
  3. Select One Story from the Choose Treatment list.
  4. Enter the title of your block in the Block Title field. By default, the title will display on the homepage above the block.
  5. Check the Hide Block Title check box if you do not want the title to display on the homepage.
  6. If you want your Block Title to link to another page, like your /news page or /npr-news page, add the full URL (including http://) to the Make Block Title a link field.
  7. In the STORY field, type in the names of the post that you want to display in the block. This is an autocomplete fields, so start to type in the headline or keywords from the post, then select the post from the autocomplete dropdown.
  8. Click on the Save button to save your block, or Save & View to save your block and be taken to a preview of what it will look like.
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