Core Publisher: How can I search for content on my site using filters?

All of the content that you create (Posts, Pages, Program Pages, People Pages, etc.) is searchable in your Core Publisher admin by clicking on the Find Content or Content link in your top grey and black admin bar.

Use the Search term field to browse through your content using keywords. For example, if you are looking for all content on your site that has the term "baseball" in it, you can type "baseball" in the Search term field.

You can also filter content by t
he AuthorStatus and Type using their respective dropdowns.
  • The Author dropdown lists all of your users, allowing you to filter your content by the user who created it.
  • The Status dropdown allows you to limit your content search to either all publisher or unpublished content.
  • The Type dropdown allows you to limit your content search to a specific content type.
Click on the Filter button to search through your site’s content.

Note: You have to click on the Remove Filters button to restore your complete list of content on the Find Content or Content pages.

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