Core Publisher: How do I add my streaming links to my Streaming Specs list?

How do I add my streaming links to my Streaming Specs list?

Regardless of whether you will be using the Persistent Player, Triton Player or the Listen Live button, you will need to add and update information about your streams in the Streaming Specs list/tablequeue. The Streaming Specs tablequeue lists your stream names, links and Composer 2 IDs for use in other areas of your Core Publisher site.



To add your streaming information to the Streaming Specs list/tablequeue

  1. Click on the Manage Queues option in your top black/grey admin bar.
  2. Select the Station Streams option.
  3. Enter your Stream Name. Your stream name is normally the call letters/streaming name used for your Composer 2 grid.
  4. In the Description field, enter the title of your stream as you want it displayed on your Schedule (/schedule) page, your Listen Live dropdown (if you choose to use that option for your streaming links), or your Persistent Player or Triton Player.
  5. If your stream exists in Composer 2, enter the UCS of your new stream.
    1. If your stream does not exist in Composer 2 yet, contact our support team at so that we can create a new Composer 2 schedule for you. We’ll then send you your UCS.
    2. If your stream already exists in Composer 2
      1. Log into Composer 2 in a separate tab.
      2. Select the stream that you are adding.
      3. Copy the UCS from the URL bar.
  6. Paste the UCS into the UCS field.
  7. Enter the full URL of your MP3 stream to both the MP3 Link and Streaming MP3 URL fields.
  8. Click on the Save Queue button to save your changes.
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