Core Publisher: How do I turn on the Listen Live button in my Core Publisher site header?

How do I turn on the Listen Live button in my Core Publisher site header?

There are three options for sharing your stream with your web visitors on your Core Publisher site: the Persistent Player, the Triton Player, and the Listen Live button.


The Listen Live button displays next to your Support/Donate button in your site header. Clicking on the Listen Live button will open either your direct streaming link or your popup player. If you have multiple streaming links, they will display in a dropdown when a listener clicks on the Listen Live button.


If you have a custom third-party popup player from your streaming provider, using the Listen Live button allows you to connect your site visitors with your player directly via a popup window in both desktop and mobile browsers.


However, if you are not using a third-party popup player and instead have a direct MP3 streaming link from your streaming provider, we recommend using our Persistent Player instead of using the Listen Live button. This is because certain mobile browsers and desktop apps are not able to open your direct streaming links in ways that provide the best experience for your listeners.


Note: If you are currently using the Persistent Player or the Triton Player, activating the Listen Live button will turn off your other active player option.


We recommend confirming that your streams are correct in Station Streams before moving forward with turning on the Listen Live button.


To activate your Listen Live button

  1. Log in to your Core Publisher site. You should be automatically taken to your Configure Core Publisher dashboard. If you were already logged into your site, select Configure Core Publisher from your grey admin bar.
  2. Under Other Site Management Links, select Listen Live.
  3. In the Button Text field, enter the text that you want to display in the button in your header. We recommend using “Listen Live”.
  4. Leave the Program Info Label field blank.
  5. If you have never used your Listen Live button before, the number in the Number of rows under Queue Settings may be 0. If it is, change it to the number of streaming links that you will be adding and click on the Rebuild button. This will add that number of rows to the Listen Live admin.
  6. Click on the Save Queue button to save your row changes and pull in your streaming information from your Station Streams admin in Core Publisher. Confirm that all of the information pulled in is correct. If there are any updates or changes, you will have to make them in the Station Streams admin.
  7. Enter the direct URL of your streaming link or popup player in the URL field.
  8. Check the Popup? checkbox, regardless of whether you are linking to a streaming link or popup player. This will open a new popup window when a listener clicks on the Listen Live button or any of the dropdown options.
  9. If you are using a popup streaming player, put the dimensions of the player window in the Width and Height fields.
  10. Check the Display checkbox so that your new stream will display.
  11. Click on the Save Queue button to save your changes.
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