Core Publisher: How do pull post content onto a Program page for syndicated programs not produced by NPR?

How do I pull post content onto a Program page for  syndicated programs not produced by NPR?


You can easily pull in posts to your Program Pages for NPR syndicated programs using the NPR Story API. However, posts for syndicated programs not produced by NPR, such as PRI and APM programs, are not ingested into the NPR Story API.


You have two options for pulling content for non-NPR syndicated programs to your Core Publisher site: using an RSS feed URL, or using the Public Media Platform (PMP).


Using an RSS feed URL

Links to articles pulled from the RSS feed of a non-NPR syndicated program display on the Program Page in a Podcasts section under the program description. These articles are not ingested into your website, and are therefore not available on aggregation pages or to be featured on your homepage.


You may have to reach out to the program producer to obtain their RSS feed URL.

To feature content from a non-NPR syndicated program using an RSS feed URL:

  1. Either edit a Program Page that already exists on your site, or go to the Add Program page to create a new program.
  2. Paste the full podcast URL of the program from their external program page in the External Podcast URL field.
  3. Save your program.


You will see articles, pulled in from the RSS feed, in the Podcasts section of the Program Page.


Using the Public Media Platform (PMP)

Before moving forward with the steps below, your Core Publisher site has to be connected to the PMP. See this article for information on getting set up.


  1. In the Core Publisher admin, on the Public Media Platform (PMP) API page at the top of the screen, click the “Queries” tab, or go directly here http://[]//admin/config/services/pmp/queries
  2. Select “+Add query”. This will bring you to a content query page. Note: Do not use the PMP for NPR published content. This includes content from other NPR member stations. For information on obtaining NPR content, consult the articles on API queries,  Retrieve and Categorize, and Get Station Content.
  3. First you need to provide a “Query name” – For example, if you would like “The World” content, enter “The World.” Note: This field is case sensitive.    
  4. Under “Query parameters” you will select criteria that will define your query from the PMP to pull content to meet the parameters for displaying within Core Publisher.    
  5. You will need to select a “Program” that is currently publishing content into the PMP. To do this, locate “Program” and click the drop down menu. (Note: At this time we can see frequent and current content available from “PRI’s The World” or “APM’s Marketplace”. Please contact the PMP for additional information about partner content availability.)
  6. Set the maximum number of docs pulled by locating “Limit” and selecting the drop down to choose “10”. This defines how much content the hourly query will look for and pull into the site. We recommend setting it to 10, however, it is dependent on the frequency of available content within the PMP.
  7. Under “Profiles” – Select the checkbox next to “story.” (Note: Selecting this option will automatically include the appropriate image and audio.)    
  8. You can leave the “Tags” and “Search Text” fields blank. As you define narrow or very niche content queries, you can use tags or search text to refine the search even more.
    Example: Marketplace content tagged with ‘economy’, means the system will locate all the economy tagged content from Marketplace and pull that into a location of your choice.    
  9. Now you can scroll down to the “After the story has been created” section.    
  10. You will need to assign your PMP content to a category in your Core Publisher site. Locate the “Assign them to a category” drop down menu and select an existing category from your site. This is where your PMP content will automatically publish. You can also create a new category specifically for this content. We recommend assigning it to “News” to start. The system will use the default category if one is not selected.    
  11. You will need to assign your PMP content to a program in your Core Publisher site. Locate the “Assign them to a program” drop down menu and select an existing program from your site, which will be where the PMP content will automatically publish.    
  12. Click “Save Settings”    


Please allow up to one day for the content to begin populating your Core Publisher site. You may see it happen as quickly as 3 hours after you set up the query. You can verify it is complete by visiting your selected category and program pages to see if the content has appeared.

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