Core Publisher: What does full HTML access in Core Publisher mean?

What does full HTML access in Core Publisher mean?

The majority of content types in Core Publisher have limited HTML access, meaning that you will not be able to add widgets,  embeds, or javascript based code. This is because these content types either have layouts that don’t allow for widgets, or they are ingested into the NPR Story API, so embed code is stripped out to ensure that the content will be able to travel to other platforms and display correctly.


Pages are a content type that stays local on your site and content on pages does not travel to other platforms. This allows them to have more flexibility and are the only content type in Core Publisher that has full HTML access. This means that you can add widgets, embed codes, custom CSS, and other HTML to the body of your Pages and it will display correctly.



Note: If you choose to use HTML, third party widgets, or embed code, you are responsible for creating, editing, and maintaining the code. We recommend that you ensure you have someone at your station who is knowledgeable and experienced in using HTML, editing/creating widgets, or customizing embeds.


If you find that you are not able to use HTML on your pages, please submit a ticket to our support team.

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