Core Publisher: How do I add a New Streaming Link to the Triton Player?

How do I add a new streaming link to the Triton Player?

The Triton Player is a streaming player that displays on every page of your site no matter what device is being used: Desktop; Tablet or Mobile Phone.. It was specifically created for use with streams hosted by third-party streaming provider Triton Digital. The Triton Player displays now playing data from Composer 2 for each of your streams with links to play your streams.
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Before you move forward with adding a new Triton stream, reach out to Triton Digital and request the Stream Key (Triton “Station Name”) for each stream that you plan to add to the player.
To add a new streaming link to your Triton Player
  1. Click on the Configure Corepublisher link in your top grey/black admin bar.
  2. Select Manage Player from the Other Site Management Links section.
  3. Confirm that the Triton Player is selected in the top Site Player section.
  4. Enter the Stream Name of your new stream that you want to display in the Triton Player. This is what the player will display to your visitors for your stream name. For instance, WXXX HD-3 may be commonly known as “WXXX Jazz Across America. You can change this information any time you like. [Link to how change your stream name in Triton Player]
  5. Enter the Stream Key (Triton “Station Name”)  , provided by Triton.
  6. If your stream exists in Composer 2, enter the UCS of your new stream.
    1. If your stream does not exist in Composer 2 yet, contact our support team at so that we can create a new Composer 2 schedule for you. We’ll then send you your UCS.
    2. If your stream already exists in Composer 2
      1. Log into Composer 2 in a separate tab.
      2. ​​Select the stream that you are adding to the Persistent Player.
      3. Copy the UCS from the URL bar.Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 2.13.37 PM.png
      4. Paste the UCS into the Stream UCS ID field in the Triton  Player admin field.
  7. If you want to add additional streams, scroll down and click on the Add additional streams link.
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  1. Select the advertising option that you will be using in the Triton Player [link to article about ad options in Triton Player].
  2. Click on the Save button to activate the Triton Player.

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