Core Publisher: What's the Difference Between Persistent Player and Triton Player?

What is the difference between the Persistent Player and Triton Player?

For stations who want to have a streaming player that will display on all pages of their site across all devices with streaming links and now playing data, there are two options: the Persistent Player and the Triton Player.

The Persistent Player is a streaming player that displays on every page of your site no matter what device is being used: desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The Persistent Player displays now playing data from Composer 2 for each of your streams with links to play your streams. The Persistent Player can be used for all online MP3 streams.
The Triton Player is fairly identical to the Persistent Player, except that it is specifically for streams that are hosted by third-party streaming host Triton Digital.

Which streaming player should you use?

  • If you have an MP3 stream hosted by Triton Digital = the Triton Player
  • If you have an MP3 stream hosted by any other streaming provider besides Triton Digital = the Persistent Player

For more information on setting up your Persistent Player or Triton Player, visit the following articles:

  • How do I set up my Persistent Player? [link to Desk article]
  • How do I set up my Triton Player? [link to Desk article]

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