Marketing Forms: How to Access Order Reports

The orders report allows you to view/search all transactions by ORDER ID.


The order ID is a unique ID number the Marketing Forms system applies to each transaction for both successful and failed payment attempts.

An order record is created in the system for each donation, storing information on who the payment or payment attempt comes from, and what message was returned to your Marketing Forms account when the payment was sent to your payment gateway.

You can use the Order Report to view the most recent transactions that came through your Marketing Forms account, or look up the order record for a specific order number.

You might use the order report for one of the following reasons:
  • A transaction has just been declined, and you want to see what message was returned from your payment gateway to better understand why.
  • You want to find the recurring donation set for monthly payments connected to a single transaction.
  • You want to review the information entered in the form when a specific donation was entered
Accessing your Donation Export Report

1. Log into your Marketing Forms Account

2. Click on the REPORTS tab and select ORDERS

The screen that loads will display the most recent transactions that have gone through your system:

Each order that appears on-screen includes links to the following information:

Order Number & View Links – Take you to the order record for that transaction, which gives you access to more detail, including:
  • Detail on the information the donor originally submitted through your donation form.
  • A link to more detail on confirmation/decline information returned from your payment gateway
  • For stations using Authorize & Capture payment processing with Sage or, a link to the recurring donation set on any orders connected to a sustaining gift.

Payment Link – Jump straight to the payment detail page to review information returned from your payment gateway to either confirm the payment was processed, or view more detail on why the payment was declined.

User link – Jump straight to the contact record for the donor based on the donor’s email address.

Finding a specific order record:

Enter a specific Order ID in the ORDER NUMBER field and click, VIEW ORDER to jump straight to the order record for a specific transaction.

Read more on the reports and dashboards available in your Marketing Forms account.

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