How do I use the Underwriting Sidebar feature to place my underwriting blocks into a specialized right rail?

The Sidebar feature allows you to place the three underwriting blocks on your Posts into a sidebar that will display in a right rail. This feature works best with longer Posts or Posts that have wide and offset-right images, and will display on both your local stories and those pulled into your site from the PMP or NPR Story API.

Note: This feature only allows you to control the placement of underwriting blocks on Posts. It does not allow you to add other content blocks to the sidebar of your Posts.

There are two options for turning on the Underwriting Sidebar for Posts in Core Publisher.

You can choose to set your sidebar default to include a sidebar on all posts created on your site:
  1. Log into your Core Publisher site at [your Core Publisher URL]/user.
  2. On your Configure Corepublisher page, select the Include Sidebar on Posts link, located in the Other Site Management Links section.
  3. Select the Do include a sidebar option.
  4. Click on the Save configuration button. This will immediately turn on the Sidebar feature for all new Posts.
  5. Note: Saving this configuration will make the sidebar appear on all new posts going forward. It will not appear on previous posts that were already published and live on your site. If you want to add the sidebar to old posts on your site, complete the steps below.
If you do not choose to set your post default settings to include a sidebar, your editors can decide to add a sidebar to any individual post by editing their story treatment options on the post creation page:

  1. Log into your Core Publisher site at [your Core Publisher URL]/user.
  2. Click Add Content
  3. Select Post
  4. Create the Post as you would normally.
  5. Scroll down to the Story Treatment section.
  6. Under Display options for this story, select  Include sidebar.
  7. Finish creating your Post with your preferred publishing/saving option.

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