How do I get NPR News live anchored coverage or unhosted raw audio modules on my Core Publisher site?

You may want to feature audio of NPR News’ hourly newscast/live anchored coverage or unhosted live events on your Core Publisher site.

There are two choices for NPR News audio:
1. Live Anchored Coverage Audio Stream
2. Unhosted Raw Audio Stream 

Find the direct stream URLs for the Hourly News/Live Anchored Coverage and Raw Audio by visiting

Once you decide on your preferred URL, follow the steps below to add them to your Core Publisher site.

Note: These options work best in Firefox & Safari. Chrome will not play the m3u stream directly, you will need a player on your computer to open it.

Option 1: Persistent Player  (This option does not work if you use the Triton Player)
You can use these direct stream URLs in your persistent player.

Example in the Persistent Player.

1. Visit to find the stream URL you prefer.
2. Copy/Paste the stream URL onto a plain text editor. You will need it to complete the following steps.
3. Login to your Core Publisher site
4. Under "Other Site Management Links" click on "Manage Player."
5. Make sure "Persistent Player" is highlighted at the top. If not, select it and then click "Save" before moving to the next step.
6. Click "Add an additional stream."
7. For Name
add “Live Coverage: NPR News” (for anchored special coverage) or “Live Stream” (for raw audio).
8. Find the live stream URL you saved in step 2 above.
9. Paste it into the MP3 URL field.
10. Leave the UCS field blank.
11. Click "Save."

Option 2: Promotional Block
Create a promotional block with the live stream links and include the NPR logo found here on

Example of Small Image Promotional Block 

1. Visit to find the stream URL you prefer.
2. Copy/Paste the link onto a plain text editor. 
3. Login to your Core Publisher site at
4. Under "Homepage Management" click "Block Factory."
5. Select "Add A Block."
6. Click on "Promotional Block."
7. Select "Small Image Promo."
8. Enter "NPR News Live Stream" for the block title.
9. Find an NPR Logo here to upload for your image.
10. For heading enter "NPR Live Special Coverage" (for live anchored version) or “NPR Live Stream” (for raw audio version)
11. Enter "Listen Live" for the button text.
12. Paste in your URL from step 2 above for the URL.
13. Click "Save."
14. Visit your "Homepage Layout Manager" to move this block onto your homepage.

If you have questions or need help setting this up, please contact Station Relations.


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