NPR One: How do I curate my stories in Core Publisher?

Local stories are a great way to reach listeners in your community on NPR One. Your station can have more control and ownership over your NPR One content with the story curation tool.

In Core Publisher, as you publish your story, you can specify the exact expiration, down to the minute, as well as designate your story as a featured story to be played ahead of others.

How to Designate a Featured Story in NPR One Using Core Publisher

  1. Log into your Core Publisher site
  2. Click on Add Content and select 'Post'
  3. Enter your byline, category and body content
  4. Scroll down to the Story Settings
  5. In the Sharing Setting tab select the following items:  
    • Under Push to NPR, select 'Push to NPR'
    • Under Include in NPR One?, select 'Send this to NPRONE'
    • Schedule the date and time of expiration in NPR One
    • Select 'Set as featured story in NPR One'
    • Publish

Where Your Featured Story Appears in NPR One

When you designate a story to be featured in NPR One not only will it play ahead of your other stories, it will be visible on your Station Page. When accessing your Station Page in NPR One, you will find your featured story listed as 'From your station' under the News & Stories header.

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