NPR One: How do I curate my podcasts?

Featured podcasts allows your station to curate podcasts you wish to highlight, promote or introduce to your audience. Help your audience take a deeper dive into your station's podcasts with our new Featured Podcast tool in StationConnect. 

Where to find your Featured Podcasts in NPR One

When you tap 'Explore'you will find your podcasts prominently displayed under Featured Shows. 

When you are on your Station Page, you will find your Featured Podcasts prominently displayed under 'Shows'. 

How to Designate Your Podcasts as Featured in NPR One

You can designate up to three podcasts to be featured in the NPR One app.
  1. Log into StationConnect
  2. Navigate to the podcast you wish to designate as featured and open it
  3. Under 'Prominence' select 'Featured'
  4. Scroll down and click Save. 
  5. Now, when you log into StationConnect, you will be able to see that the podcasts with stars next to them are designated as featured. 

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