What do I need to know about my streams for the HTTPS transition?

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple noted that they will soon require all apps to pull their content through secure links (HTTPS), and by 2017, will no longer support apps that fail to do so.

After January 2017, if you would like your stream to play in an iOS app, that either is new to the App Store or requires regular updates, your stream will need to be a secure URL. The prefix of the URL, and the prefix of any embedded URLs, such as live streams listed within playlist (.pls) files will need to be secure as well. The Digital Services team has been working hard behind the scenes to do all we can to do the heavy lifting for you.

Even with us taking these steps, this can still be a confusing process, so we want to walk you through what to do.

How do I find my secure stream URLs?

Where do I need to update my streams URLs?

How do I find my secure stream URLs?

  • Your streaming provider will be able to provide you with a new or updated URL(s) that are secure.
  • If you are a station with Triton Digital streams, Triton has already secured all of their streams.  All you have to do is replace the httpin your existing Triton stream URL with https.
    If your current url is:

    Your new url will be:
  • If you are not a station that has non-Triton streams, please contact your streaming provider for your new links.

Where do I need to update my stream URLs?

You want to update/replace your non-secure URL with your updated secure URL where ever your stream may play.

On your website:
  • Core Publisher
    For Core Publisher stations, if you are a station that has Triton Digital streams, we will update your Triton stream URLs for you in your player. No action is required by your station.
  • Non-Core Publisher
    If you are not a Core Publisher station, we recommend updating your URLs within your website. Especially, if you have an app that utilizes your stream.

In My App(s):
  • All of your apps’ network connections will need to be over HTTPS. If you have an app, we recommend that you contact your app developer and send them your updated secure stream URL(s).
  • For those stations with iPhone apps:
    To allow non-secure links in the meantime, you need to add a new key in an app’s .plist file. Under App Transport Security, add ‘Allow Arbitrary Loads’ and set to YES.This new key will only work for compiling against iOS 9 and will NOT work after Apple enforces the transition.
  • You should also avoid compiling against iOS 10 unless you are HTTPS throughout, as Apple has already begun pushing this requirement on the latest OS update.

In NPR Apps:
  • For NPR One, the NPR News App, and other NPR platforms we pull your stream information into our apps and products based off of what you have entered into StationConnect. As of December 15th, 2016, StationConnect will not allow you to enter a new http: link. All stream link edits will require an https: URL.
  • If you are a station with Triton Digital streams, we will update all of your Triton stream links in StationConnect for you. No action is required by your station.
  • If you are a station with non-Triton streams, and you want your stream to be present in our apps and platforms, you will need to get your secure links from your provider, log in to, and find/replace your stream links with your secure URL(s). Learn more about how to update your stream in StationConnect.

In Third Party Products:

You may have partnerships with third party products and your stream may playable in their apps or products.

  • Apple Music – Apple Music updates do NOT have to be done by January 1st. NPR DS (Jackie McBride) will facilitate the updating of station streams in Apple Music. Look for communication from Jackie in January about the next steps. Meanwhile, please contact Jackie if you have any questions:
  • Internet Radio by Apple – Internet Radio is not Apple Music, rather it is something stations manage, and directly set up with Apple. Please click on the following link for guidance on updating your streams:
  • TuneIn – This is something stations manage, and directly set up with TuneIn. Please follow these steps for updating your streams in TuneIn:
    • 1. Send an email to both of the following people at TuneIn: 
    • 2. In your email include the following: 
      • Subject Line: New Streams for (call letters)
      • Body - include:
        • 1.  URL on TuneIn of station
        • 2.  Include your new streams (Triton .PLS URLs)
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