How do I Update my HTTPS Stream URLS in Core Publisher?

Apple is requiring secure links for App Store compliance. If you stream with Triton, Your Triton stream URL will be the same as currently with the added “s,”. If you do not stream with Triton, you will need to contact your stream provider and ask for a secure URL. 

How do I Update my Triton Stream HTTPS URLS in Core Publisher

We have secured your Triton stream HTTPS URLs for you and have updated them in Core Publisher and StationConnect. 

How do I Update my Non-Triton Stream HTTPS URLS in Core Publisher

  1. Contact your stream provider and request a secure HTTPS URL for your stream. 
  2. Once you receive the secure URL, log into Core Publisher. 
  3. Scroll down and under "Other Site Management Links" click on "Manage Player". 
  4. Replace the stream url with the new secure URL.
  5. Click Save. 
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