How do I embed pym.js interactive widgets using Core Publisher?

The NPR visuals team has been working hard on creating new interactive widgets and tools to help increase engagement of digital content.  One way they are doing this is by creating these tools using pym.js, a javascript library for responsively embedding iframes. Please find instructions below on how you can embed these tools into your Core Publisher posts.

For embed code, social media assets, and additional details visit

STEP 1: Locate the Code and Save it to Your Computer
1.   Copy and paste the embed code from onto a plain text editor (ie. Textedit or Notepad)

2.   Save this information, you will need to reference it in the next section

STEP 2: Add Text into Your Core Publisher Post

1.  Log into your Core Publisher website.

2.  Click on Add Content in the grey admin bar.

3.  Select Post.

4.  Enter a custom Headline, Byline, and Category.

5.  You will want to add at least a paragraph of copy text into the Body field in your post.

6.  We recommend adding an image at the top of your post as well.

Note: Avoid white space at the top of your post:

A. Include an intro paragraph & image.

B. Remove Ads from the post, review DFP instructions:

STEP 3: Add the Embed Code into Your Core Publisher Post

1.  In the WYSIWYG editor, select the Source button.

2.  Find the embed code you saved from above and paste it into the Body field under the copy text.

3.  Click Save or Preview to see how it will look for your visitors.
STEP 4: Highlighting Your Post on Your Core Publisher Site

1.  Add Tags and Related Content of your choice.

2.  Update your Story Treatment accordingly.

3.  Select your Story Settings.

4.  Click the green Publish button.

5.  Visit the Block Factory to create a block to highlight the live blog post on your homepage.

a.  Use a Large Promo Block on your homepage.

b.  *Use a Large Promo Block, add the widget to the sub head field, link to your post.

c. Use a Curated block to create a one or three story block.

*Note: If you use this option, you will have to remove “type=text/javascript” from the embed code. Please use the layout manager preview before making live.

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