Composer 2: Navigating the Composer 2 Environment

Navigating the Composer 2 Environment

When you are logged into Composer 2, you will see a yellow and beige bar at the top of every page with links to your admin pages.
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  • Import/Export: Tools for importing playlists into Composer 2 and exporting playlists from Composer 2 for SoundExchange and other reporting purposes.
  • Widgets: Admin for customizing and copying code for widgets to embed on your website.
  • Support: Link to the NPR Digital Services Support Center
  • Settings: Admin for creating users and affiliate links.
  • Logout: Link to logout of Composer 2
  • Calendar: Quick link to your main program grid
  • Programs: Quick link to a list of all of the programs that have been created for your program grid
  • Episodes: Quick link to a list of daily airings of your programs 
If your station has multiple streams in Composer 2, click on the name of your stream to the far left to access a list of your streams to access the Calendar, Programs and Episodes for other streams.
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