StationConnect Content

The Content section in StationConnect is the place where you manage your station's audio for NPR One, the NPR News App and

Settings Tab

The settings tab allows you to manage the following audio:
  1. Primary Stream
  2. Newscast
  3. Audio Branding

Stories Tab

The stories tab allows you to see all of your stories selected to go to NPR One and their story ID, date modified and expiration dates. Learn how to upload your local stories to NPR One

Primary Stream

You can designate your primary stream for your station to be featured in the NPR News App and on the site when localized to your station. 

Newscast URL

Place your newscast URL linking your FTP site here to our network to pick up your local newscast to be ingested in the NPR One app and on

Newscast Expiration

Set your newscast expiration for NPR One and to 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours. 

Donation Audio

Upload your own custom Donation Audio to be featured in NPR One. 

Station Hello

Upload your custom Station Hello to introduce your station when people launch the NPR One app.

Sonic ID

Upload up to 10 custom Sonic IDs to play when you do not have local stories to play in NPR One. 

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