Core Publisher: Find Your Post ID

One of the benefits of using Core Publisher is that we have built it to include integration with the NPR Story API to allow for easy sharing and collaborating with other NPR member stations. Every post created in Core Publisher by default is set to send to the NPR Story API. 

Note: You can adjust this option in the story settings area at the bottom of your post if you don't want to send a post to the API.

Sharing Your Posts With Other Stations

If you are working with another station(s) on a collaborative project, or if you just have a great story that you want other stations to share on their sites Core Publisher makes it easy to share.  All they need is your Post ID number and they can pull your post down onto their site.

Find Your Post ID
1. Login to your Core Publisher site:
2. Click on Add Content
3. Select Post
4. Create your post as usual
5. Click Publish
6. You will be directed to your post view page
7. In the top right corner you will see a green box with your Post ID number

How to Find A Story In Core Publisher
If you're looking for a story from another station, Core Publisher has an easy way to find it. 

1. Login to your Core Publisher site
2. Go To Find Content in your grey tool bar
3. Click on the Get NPR Content tab
4. Click Find By URL
5. Enter the station's Post ID here
6. Choose the Publish story date that best suits your needs
7. Click Get Story
8. You will be directed to the post edit screen
9. Review the story and update the tags and related content, story treatment, and story settings to place the post into the appropriate areas of your site.

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