Core Publisher: Using the Categorize and Retrieve Tool to publish content from the NPR Story API

What is the purpose of the Retrieve and Categorize tool?

Many stations want to automatically publish content from the NPR Story API, while also deciding where on their site the content publishes. To support this request, we built the Categorize and Retrieve tool in Core Publisher to allow greater control over publishing.
This tool allows you to automatically publish content from the NPR Story API (from stations and NPR) onto your Core Publisher category, tag, program, and topic pages.

What you will need to get started: 

1. Station to Station Collaboration - Permissions from stations to republish their content

You will need to get permission from a station if you would like to pull their content onto your site. We recommend emailing or calling the station digital lead or news director. If you need contact information for a station, please contact the Digital Services Station Relations team. 

2. API IDs
  • Content from Another Station: If you are pulling content from another station, you will need their Station orgId and the API ID of the content topic you want to republish. 
    • Station orgIds:
      • Stations should know their own orgIds. If they don’t, Digital Services Station Relations can help obtain that id for you.
    • To get the API ID of the content topic, stations can follow the below:
      • On your site go to manage categories or manage tags (or navigate to your desired category/tag from a story page).  
      • Click the edit tab on the category/tag page; choose the edit tab.
      • Content topic ids are displayed at the bottom of the edit page. See screenshot below. 
      • Edit view on category and tag pages:
  • Content from NPR: If you are pulling a story from NPR, you just need the API ID of the topic. 
3. Tag, program, category, or topic page where you want the content published

4. Access to the Retrieve and Categorize Tool

Make sure you can go to this URL: YOURSITEURL/admin/content/table-queue/apiCategoryQueryQueue
If you can’t access that page, submit a support ticket and Digital Services will ensure the module is turned on for you. 

How to use the Retrieve and Categorize tool:

Once you have (1) permissions to republish the content, (2) the API ids you need, (3) a page where you want the content published, and (4) access to the Retrieve and Categorize tool, go to this section of Core Publisher: 

  1. If you need additional rows, increase this number and save. We recommend you have one row for each API request (query).
  2. Put the API id for the content topic you’ve collected from NPR or a station in the API IDs field.
  3. If you are pulling stories from NPR, you need to fill out the API IDs field, but not the OrgIDs field. You can leave the OrgIDs field empty.
  4. If you are pulling stories from a station, you need to add the station’s orgId in the Org IDs field.
  5. Choose which category, program, or tag where you want the stories to publish. (Note: Topics are created by using multiple tags.)
  6. Make sure to save by pressing the SAVE QUEUE button. 

Questions? Having Trouble? Contact Station Relations

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