Core Publisher: Introduction to Site Navigation

Setting Up Your Site Navigation
Your navigation is built using your menu using the Flexi Menu tablequeue. Your Flexi Menu navigation should reflect your online strategy. We suggest putting links to your Program pages, schedules, different content pages and support/pledge resources, including:
  • Home
  • Programming/Schedule
  • News-focused
  • Music-focused
  • Support/Pledge
  • About/Station Info
  • Special Topics
  • Search
  • Social Media Links
Your Flexi Menu is a tablequeue, or queue. You can navigate to the interface to manage it by either selecting Manage Queues in the top grey/black admin bar, or by going to Configure Core Publisher and then selecting Manage Queues. A link to the Flexi Menu admin is also available in the Edit Queues box to the far left on some admin pages. 

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