Core Publisher: Introduction to Creating Tags

Creating and Managing Tags

Like Categories, Tags are used to group content. Think about Tags in Core Publisher in the same way that you think about hashtags on social media. Tags are used to make your content easier to find in search results.
Tags appear at the bottom of a post when published. Each Tag links to a page that contains all posts with that same tag.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating new Tags:
  • Tags are not “smart”, so make sure that you are not duplicating a tag when you add it to a post. (ex. Holiday is not the same as holiday or Holidays)
  • Create best practices for your tags to avoid duplication. (e.g. Decide whether you want to use election, Election 2016 or Election ’16)
  • The Tag field on the post form is an auto-complete field. Once you start typing in your tag, select it from the autocomplete dropdown to avoid duplicating the tag.
  • You can only assign up to five tags to a Post, so keep that in mind when are you creating tags to make sure that you are using the more effective terms.
Every Tag that you add when creating a Post is saved to your list of Tags for future use. Tags are also created and managed in the Manage tags admin. Click on the Configure Corepublisher  link in the grey and black admin bar, and then select Manage Tags from the Content Management section to navigate to the Tags page.

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