Core Publisher: How can I pull content from the NPR Story API onto my site?

The NPR Story API contains posts published for and NPR programs, as well as posts published by other member stations that are ingesting their content into the API either through their own websites or Core Publisher. You can search the NPR Story API for posts that you can publish to your site.

The main benefit of using the API is the ability to publish posts from other NPR sources to your site for your web visitors to read without having to leave your site.

There are three ways to pull content from the NPR Story API:
  • NPR Top Stories: Throughout the day, stories that NPR considers to be “Top Stories” will be automatically pulled onto your site into your Homepage River block. You can choose whether or not you want to pull this content onto your site.
  • Manual Publishing: You can grab the URL or title of posts you see on and post them to your site.
  • Custom API Queries: You can create custom API queries to retrieve specific content from the NPR Story API and automatically categorize it.
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