Core Publisher: Locating Your RSS Feed and Podcast URLs and Customizing Your Feed Data

To see your feed URLs and make changes to a specific aggregation page feed:
  1. The URLs in the View RSS Tree and View Podcast Tree fields are the feed URLs that you can share on your site and in third-party sites.
  1. If you have a custom image that you want to display in third-party podcast players, click on the Select media button under Upload podcast image. (Note: Your uploaded image must be at least 1400x1400).
  2. If you have a custom Title, Associated URL and/or Description for your podcast, enter them. If you do not enter information in these fields, information from the aggregation page associated with the feed will be used instead. (Note: Ampersands (&) cannot be used in the podcast description).
  3. Enter up to three categories in the Podcast Category field. These categories come directly from iTunes, so you must refer to this doc for a list of categories to choose from.
  4. Use the URLs in the Validator section to confirm that your podcast is in the correct format for specific third-party tools.
  5. Click on the Save link to save your feed information changes.

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