Core Publisher: Setting Up Your Feed Defaults

To set up your feed default data:
  1. Click on the Select media button under Upload default podcast image to upload a logo that will display if there is no main logo for one of your Core Publisher podcasts.

    Podcast images must meet the following specifications:
    Minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels
    Maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels
    72 dpi
    JPEG or PNG format
  2. Enter a Default podcast title that will display if there is no title in the feed data. (Note: All of your Core Publisher podcasts and feeds will have titles by default, but it is best to enter this information just in case.)
  3. Enter a Default podcast description. (Note: Ampersands (&) cannot be used in the podcast description.)
  4. Change the Site email to an email address that can be used for all of your podcasts. This email address should be something generic, like or, instead of an email address tied to one person.
  5. Click on the on Save configuration button to save your feed defaults.
RSS feeds and podcasts are automatically created for each Program, Category, Person and Topic that has posts. Click on the Podcasts & RSS tab on any of these pages to see and edit a specific podcast and feed.

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