Core Publisher: Introduction to Podcasts and RSS Feeds

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a way to deliver constantly updating web content in a format that can be read by web browsers and feed readers. Someone can subscribe to your RSS Feed or review the feed at will. A Podcast is a way to deliver a dynamic feed of audio files via the Internet in an episodic fashion using RSS. Someone can subscribe to a podcast so it automatically updates when new audio arrives.
RSS feeds are automatically created for each Program, Category, Person and Topic that has posts. Posts that have audio are automatically fed into a podcast.
Before you create or share any podcasts or RSS feeds with third-party tools, you have to enter defaults in the Podcasts & Feeds Defaults admin.
The admin to manage your Podcasts & Feeds Defaults for third-party tools is located in the Web Services Management Links section of your Configure Corepublisher dashboard.

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