Core Publisher: Creating and Editing a Program

To create a new Program page:
Note: All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required to save your new Program.
  1. Click on the Find program from list below link to collapse a list of all of the programs that exist in Composer 2 for your station.
  2. Select the program that you are creating a Program page from the list. This will populate several of the fields on the Create Program page.
  3. The Program Name is automatically pulled in from Composer 2. However, if you want to change how the program name displays on your Program page, you can change it in the Program Name field without affecting how it displays in Composer 2.
  4. Under Medium, make sure that the Radio radio button is selected. If it is not, select it.
  5. Select the Genre that best corresponds with your program.
  6. Enter your program’s airtime in the When does it air? field. This is a human-readable field, so enter the airtime in the way that you describe it on air (e.g. “Weekdays at noon” or “Saturday mornings from 11am - noon”).
  7. In the Description section, enter information about the program. Add text and links with some formatting (bold, italicized, bulleted, and numbered lists, etc).
  8. In the Ways to Connect section, enter contact information (email, Facebook, Twitter, blog URLs) for the Program that you are creating. Type the text that you want to display on the Program Page, then a |. After the |, enter the page/profile URL using the full URL (including http://). To add email addresses to the Ways to Connect section, follow the steps above, and include “mailto:” before the email address.
  9. If your program host has a People page in Core Publisher, enter their name in the Enter host name field. As you start to type in the host’s name, you will see autocomplete suggestions based on the list of People pages that you have created. Select your host’s name from the autocomplete dropdown.
creen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.16.26 PM.png
  1. If you have multiple hosts, click on the Add another item button to add a new host’s name.
  2. You may see the names of your hosts in the Enter host name(s) field, pulled in from Composer 2. Remove any hosts with People pages from that field and enter them in the Enter host name field above it. Add the names of any hosts that do not have People pages on your site to the Enter host name(s) field. You can skip the Enter local host name(s) and Enter local anchor names (s) fields in this section, as those options are remnants of an older Core Publisher theme.
  3. Upload your program logo or main image in the Image gallery section.
  4. The External Podcast URL field allows you to pull into posts from an RSS feed for a non-NPR syndicated program (APM or PRI programs that aren’t ingested to the API). Make sure to use the full URL (including http://) when adding a RSS URL to this field.
  5. The API ID, Guide ID, Guide Segment, Guide Segment ID and Composer ID information is automatically populated when you select the program from the Find program from list below list. Do not make changes to this information.
  6. If the program that you creating a page for has playlists in Composer 2 that you want to display on the Program page, check the Show Composer2 Playlist Widget checkbox.
  7. Click on the Save program button to save your new program.
To edit or delete a Program:
When you are logged into Core Publisher, you will see View and Edit tabs for each piece of content that you have created. Click on the Edit tab to gain access to edit a Program that you have created.
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Once you have made your change, click on the Save program button to save your edits. You can delete a Program by instead clicking on the Delete button.

Viewing All Program Pages --/Programs Page
All of the Program pages that you create will be listed at [your Core Publisher site URL]/programs.
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On your Programs A-Z page, all of your Program pages are ordered alphabetically. All Program pages display on the All tab. The other tabs -- Entertainment, Music, and News/Talk -- correspond to the Genres that were selected on the Create Program form.
Each Program is listed on a square card on the Programs A-Z page, displaying the program’s logo, name, and teaser of their description.

Viewing Program Schedule -- /schedule Page
Your program schedule is pulled directly from Composer 2 and is displayed at [your Core Publisher site URL]/schedule. If you have added the URLs for your Program pages to the program descriptions in Composer 2, the links on your schedule will link to your Program pages.
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Use the Daily Schedule and Weekly Schedule buttons to go back and forth between different views of your calendar.
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If you have multiple streams in Composer 2, use the Change Radio Station dropdown in the top right to see another stream’s schedule.

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