Core Publisher: Introduction to Programs

Program Pages display information about programs that you air at your station. They provide a way for your web visitors to connect with your program hosts and content associated with that program (both playlists and news posts), as well as get information about when the program airs.
Core Publisher automatically pulls in the list of your programs, their airtimes and any playlists from Composer 2, our online schedule and playlist management tool, to be displayed on your Program pages. (Note: Make sure that your Composer 2 schedule is correct and up-to-date before you start to create your Program pages in Core Publisher.) If there are playlists associated with your program, they will display in a widget under the program description area.
If there are posts associated with the program that you are creating a page for, they will display in a river under the program description and playlist widget (where applicable). For Syndicated Programs, posts associated with the program will be pulled from the NPR API. For Local Programs, you can manually associate your posts with a program.
We recommend creating Program pages for all of the local and syndicated programs that you air. You can also create Program pages for any seasonal programming, or any programs that you only air at certain times of the year.
For each Program page that you will be creating, gather the following information:
  • Basic program description (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Time and days that the program airs on your station
  • Names of all hosts (each local host should have a People page)
  • Program logo
Note: We recommend creating People pages for all of your program hosts before moving on to creating your Program pages.
Click on the Add Content link in the grey and black admin bar, and then select Program to navigate to the Create Program page.

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