Core Publisher: Introduction to Pages

Adding Pages in Core Publisher

Any static pages on your site, like an About Us or Contact Information page, can be created in Core Publisher as a Page. Pages have a fairly static layout but you can embed widgets and iFrame to give your Pages a more dynamic look and feel.
Pages are different from Posts in three key ways:
  1. A Page is a static page that provides information, while a Post is a news article that will be ingested into the NPR Story API.
  2. A Page will only show up on your site where you add it (Flexi Menu, Footer, etc.), while a Post will be added to your news page and homepage news feed.
  3. A Page can contain custom HTML elements (like buttons and widgets), while a Post can only contain text, links, images and video embeds.
Click on the Add Content link in the grey and black admin bar, and then select Page to navigate to the Create Person page.
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