Core Publisher: Creating and Editing a Person Page

To create a new Person page:

Click on the Add Content link in the grey and black admin bar, and then select Person to navigate to the Create Person page.

Note: All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required to save your new Person.
  1. Enter the full name of the person who the page is for in the Name field.
  2. In the Bio section, enter information about the person. Add text and links with some formatting (bold, italicized, bulleted, and numbered lists, etc).
  3. In the Ways to Connect section, enter contact information (email, Facebook, Twitter, blog URLs) for the Person that you are creating. Type the text that you want to display on the People Page, then a |. After the |, enter the page/profile URL using the full URL (including http://). To add email addresses to the Ways to Connect section, follow the steps above, and include “mailto:” before the email address.
  4. Enter the person’s Job Title.
  5. Select all relevant roles from the Capacity section.
  6. Upload the person’s photo in the Profile photo section.
  7. If you want the person’s email address to display on the [your Core Publisher URL]/people page, enter their email address in the Contact information section. You can skip the rest of the fields in this section, as those options are remnants of an older Core Publisher theme.
  8. Under Admin tools, select the user associated with the person from the Drupal User list. When you associate a Person with a User in Core Publisher, all content created by that user will automatically add their corresponding Person in the Byline field.
  9. Check the Publish checkbox so that your Person page will display live on your site.
  10. Click on the Save person button to save your Person page.
To edit or delete a Person page:

When you are logged into Core Publisher, you will see View and Edit tabs for each piece of content that you have created. Click on the Edit tab to gain access to edit a Person page that you have created.

Once you have made your change, click on the Save person button to save your edits. You can delete a Person by instead clicking on the Delete button.

 Viewing All Person Pages -- /people Page 

All of the People pages that you create, and all pulled into your site through the NPR Story API, will be listed at [your Core Publisher site URL]/people.

On your People page, all of your Person pages are ordered alphabetically by first name. All Person pages (including pages pulled from the NPR Story API) display on the All tab. The other tabs -- Authors, Board of Directors, Hosts, Interns, Staff and Volunteers -- correspond to the Capacities that were selected on the Create Person form. All of the Person pages that all pulled in from the NPR Story API for syndicated hosts and authors are listed under the Syndicated tab.
Each Person is listed on a square card on the People page, displaying the person’s photo, name, title, link to any programs that they are associated with, email address (where applicable) and teaser of their bio.

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