Core Publisher: What are People Pages?

Adding People in Core Publisher

People are different than Users. Your Users are the username and password that a staff member uses to login to your Core Publisher site. A Person, or Person page, refers to the biography page for a contributor, staff member or host.

A Person Page allows your web visitors to learn more about your staff and connect to them. You can choose who you will create People pages for. We recommend creating People pages for your staff, interns, and reporters at your station. However, you will not have to create People pages for NPR show or other syndicated personalities. Syndicated hosts and reporters will be automatically pulled into your site through the NPR Story API when you pull in posts from them.

For each Person page that you will be creating, gather the following information:
  • Basic bio (1-2 short paragraphs)
  • Their title at your station
  • Photograph (try to keep images consistent, ideally 4x3)
  • Capacity (Role - Host, Staff, Volunteer, etc.)
  • Public contact info (work email, Facebook, Twitter, website/blog, etc.)
  • Core Publisher User Name (if they have one)
Note: If you are planning to create a User and Person page for someone at your station, create the User first.

Click on the Add Content link in the grey and black admin bar, and then select Person to navigate to the Create Person page.

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