Core Publisher: How do I navigate through Core Publisher?

When you are logged into Core Publisher, you will see a grey and black bar at the top of every page with links to your site administration pages.

  • Home/House icon -- Link to your Core Publisher homepage
  • Content -- Admin for managing all content on your site
  • Users -- Admin for creating and managing users
  • Add Content -- Links to forms to create content (Pages, Posts, Programs, etc.)
  • Configure Corepublisher -- Links to site configuration dashboard
  • Find Content -- Admin for searching your content
  • Layout -- Drag and drop admin for building your homepage and managing homepage layouts
  • Manage Queues -- Links to admin for managing different tablequeues, including your site navigation and footer
  • Reports -- Tool for running reports on your Core Publisher content
  • Sitewide Alert -- Tool to create a text alert to show on all pages of your Core Publisher site

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