Core Publisher: How do I navigate through Core Publisher?

When you are logged into Core Publisher, you will see a grey and black bar at the top of every page with links to your site administration pages. Site Administrators and Editors will see slightly different variations of the tasks below as Editors do not have full user priviledges. 

  • Home/House icon -- Link to your Core Publisher homepage
  • Content -- Admin for managing all content on your site
  • Users -- Admin for creating and managing users
  • Add Content -- Links to forms to create content (Pages, Posts, Programs, etc.)
  • Configure CorePublisher -- Links to site configuration dashboard
  • Find Content -- Admin for searching your content
  • Layout -- Drag and drop admin for building your homepage and managing homepage layouts
  • Manage Queues -- Links to admin for managing different tablequeues, including your site navigation and footer
  • Reports -- Tool for running reports on your Core Publisher content
  • Sitewide Alert -- Tool to create a text alert to show on all pages of your Core Publisher site
Each of these options can be found in the Configure CorePublisher table as well, which is the default landing screen after you log in. Additional site administration tasks can be found in the Configure CorePublisher table as well. 

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