Core Publisher: How do I use Music Live Events?

Taking advantage of NPR Music and NPR Music Station events is now easy to do in Core Publisher. Music Live Events is built as a content type within Core Publisher. Your header and footer will display, but the rest of the screen is taken up by the event video and archived content. You can publish an individual event or an entire channel. When your users click on archived content they will stay on your site. This will allow you to easily share those specific events on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

Auto-Populate Categories/Channels

Set up your Core Publisher site to include automatically populated live events! You can set it and forget it, while experiencing new posts as they become available.

You can use any of the following categories for Live Event content in Core Publisher:

Live In Concert (AAA) 145307348
NPR Jazz Live 144931957
NPR Jazz Night In America 347174579
NPR Classical Live 144933426
Tiny Desk Concerts 92071316
All Live Events 142779528

Pick One Story

If you want to link to just one event, you can!  Just use the NPR Story ID. You can see the NPR Story ID in the URL of stories on or in the api query generator (


The NPR Story ID is: 479352095


To add a live event:

  1. Log into your Core Publisher site

  2. Click 'Add Content'

  3. Click 'Live Event'
    Note: If you do not have this option, please contact our support team and we will be happy to enable it for you.

  4. Give the event a ‘Title'

  5. Enter  the NPR ID number

  6. Click Save Live Event

  7. Copy the new event URL from your browser

  8. Add the URL to your Flexi Menu, and/or to a homepage Promotional Block

If you are not a Core Publisher user, please find instructions on

Questions? Having Trouble? Contact Station Relations

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