Core Publisher: Placing Ads & Ad Unit Names

Core Publisher Ad block placements are represented in DFP by their Ad Unit Names, which consists of an ad unit prefix followed by a placement identifier.

When a user visits your site ads are requested from DFP. To get your DFP ads to show up on your Core Publisher site, you have to have at least one Ad Unit selected for each line item. DoubleClick for Publishers will look up all placements associated with that Ad unit and then look for all line items targeting those placements to send to Core Publisher.

The Core Publisher Ad Unit Names

There are 10 standard Ad Unit Names you'll need to include and be familiar with in order to have your ads flow naturally onto the pages of your Core Publisher site:
If you want it to show in: Size Use Ad Unit Name
Top Banner/Leaderboard  728 x 90 pixel MYCALLLETTERS_leaderboard_1
Tablet Banner  728 x 90 pixel MYCALLLETTERS _tablet_1
Medium Rectangle - First  300 x 250 pixel MYCALLLETTERS_medium_1
Medium Rectangle - Second  300 x 250 pixel MYCALLLETTERS_medium_2
Medium Rectangle - Third  300 x 250 pixel MYCALLLETTERS_medium_3
Mobile Ad 320 x 50 pixel MYCALLLETTERS_mobile_1
Player Display
Player Audio
Player Mobile
1x1 pixel

Uploading the Ad Unit Names into your DFP account

To make it easier for stations to get all of these “Ad Units” into DFP, we’ve created a .csv file that you can use as a bulk upload. You’ll only need to do this once.
  1. Visit this link --

  2. Open the CP_ad_units.csv file in Microsoft Excel

  3. Replace any “MYCALLLETTERS” text with the “Ad Unit Prefix” you selected on page 6 above (Probably your call letters)

  4. Save the edited file on your desktop

  5. Log into your DFP account

  6. Click on the “Inventory tab” in the grey tool bar at the top of the page

  7. Click on the “Ad Units” option in the left tool bar

  8. Locate the red “New Ad Unit”

  9. Next to that button, you’ll see "Bulk upload new ad units", click on it

  10. Upload the CP_ad_units.csv file that you modified earlier with your station call letters or Ad Unit Prefix.

Your account now contains all of the Ad Unit Names you will need to have underwriter ads flow onto your Core Publisher site. 

 Selecting Ad Unit blocks for your underwriter ads

Now that you are connected and have everything set up, it’s time to target your DFP line items to show up in Core Publisher. You MUST do this for every line item that you want to appear on your site.

Core Publisher says: “Please send me an ad that matches WXYZ_Medium_1.” DFP will look for any line items with that ad unit name associated to it, look for targeting criteria, and specified sizes.

DFP says: “Here are all the ads I’ve identified that best fit this placement.” Then DFP logs an impression, and sends the ad to display on the page.
  1. Log into your DFP account

  2. Click on the “Delivery” option in the grey tool bar at the top of the page

  3. You’ll find a list of your open “Orders”

  4. Click on an existing order that you would like to appear in one or more ad blocks on your Core Publisher site

  5. Select a “Line Item”

  6. In the “Inventory Size” field you must enter the sizes of the ads in Core Publisher: 300X250, 320X50, 728X90, *1X1(optional – for audio pre roll only)

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the “Line Item Settings”’ page to locate the “Add Targeting” section. 

  8. In the “Browse” tab, click on the “Ad Units” folder. You’ll see all of the ad units you bulk uploaded will be listed.

  9. Click the "Include" option next to each of the Ad Units you want that ad to appear on your site.
    Note: If you see “run of site” in the selected criteria that will not work in Core Publisher, you MUST use one of the ad units listed on page 7 to get your ads to show in Core Publisher. “Including” all Ad Units will allow an ad to show run of site or ROS, which means it will display in every ad placement of every page on your site where ads of that size can appear.

  10. Click “Save” to make your changes effective on your Core Publisher site.
    Note: You may have to wait 10+ minutes to see ads appear.
Repeat Steps 2-10 for all active “Line items” that need to display on your site.

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