Core Publisher: How do I connect my DFP Account to Core Publisher?

In order to place ads on your Corepublisher site using DFP, you will need to link your DFP account to your station's site. This can be done by entering your DFP account information into the Configure Corepublisher Dashboard. This guide will show you where to find your DFP account information and how to enter it into the Corepublisher dashboard. 

Locating Your DFP Account Information

In order to get your DFP account connected to your Core Publisher site, you will have to locate your DFP Network Code.  You will have to enter it into the Core Publisher Ad Configuration.
  1. Login to your DFP account

  2. Once you’re logged in, look in the middle of your top grey tool bar for your “Admin” section

  3. Click “Admin” When you’re logged into DFP, your Network code is located in the Admin tab.

  4. On the “Admin” page you’ll see “Network Code” with a series of number after it

  5. You will need to copy the number and save it, as you will need it in the next section

Connecting Your DFP Account to Core Publisher

In order to get your DFP account connected to your Core Publisher site you have to provide Core Publisher with your DFP account information. This is a one-time set up.
  1. Login to your Core Publisher site:

  2. Under “Other Site Management Links” click on “Responsive Ad Config”

  3. Visit your Core Publisher site and paste your DFP “Network Code” into the “Network Code”

  4. The “Ad Unit Prefix” field will be added to the beginning of all ad units that you want to target to your site

  5. Enter your call letters or station brand identity in the “Ad Unit Prefix” field, ie. kuow or michigan.

  6. Make note of the prefix you used here. You’ll need to remember this prefix for the next section.

  7. Click “Save configuration”

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