Core Publisher: Pushing Content into PMP

The Core Publisher PMP Push feature will allow you to push your content to the PMP at the same time that your post is created in a streamlined manner. By pushing your content to the PMP, Public Media Platform, other member stations and PMP partners will be able to pull your content onto their sites. Learn more about the PMP here:


How To Enable The PMP Push Feature In Core Publisher

To enable the PMP Push feature you must already have enabled the PMP within your site
Note: If you have not enabled the PMP on your Core Publisher Site, you can not proceed.  Please follow the instructions here before proceeding:
The Public Media Platform API section is only available for “Station Admin” users.
To enable the PMP Push functionality you must first navigate to the Get PMP Content section.  Login to your Core Publisher site
  1. First login to your Core Publisher site.

  2. Click “Configure Corepublisher”

  3. Select “Get PMP Content”

  4. Once you have reached the Public Media Platform API administrative page, you can select the “Push Settings” tab

  5. Under “Activate push” select “Yes”

  6. Scroll to the bottom and click “Save Settings”


How To Push A Specific Post To The PMP

Now that you have enabled the push you can now begin pushing your Core Publisher content to the PMP. 
After enabled, all users will now see the “Send to PMP” option on the post creation page. By default, this option is set to “Do not send” and it has to be selected by the user. See instructions below.
  1. Login to your Core Publisher site

  2. Click “Add Content” in the top left area of the grey tool bar

  3. Under “Add content” click on “Post”

  4. This will bring you to the post creation page

  5. Enter all of the necessary post content

  6. Scroll down on the post creation page until you get to “Story Settings” section

  7. Locate “Send to PMP”

  8. Select the radio button next to “Send this to PMP”

  9. Click “Publish” and the post will post to your site as well as be send to the PMP

How To Locate Your Content In The PMP

To locate your content in the PMP you can visit the PMP support website and complete a search.  You also can search for other station or partner content and utilize an advanced search option to narrow down your criteria on this website.  See additional instructions below.
  1. Visit:

  2. Locate the “Search the Platform” field

  3. Enter your station call letters

  4. A list of your content will appear

  5. Click on a story headline to see additional information about your content

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