Marketing Forms - Member Comments Dashboard

The Member Comments Dashboards allows you to see the information that is most commonly needed for thanking donors on-air during a pledge drive. Filtering options allow you to filter down to the hour to view only the most recent pledges.

Accessing your Member Comments Dashboard

1. Log into your Marketing Forms Account


When the page loads, it will pull in all donations received that day (since Midnight), if any. You may use the filters at the top of the dashboard to refine the search to a specific date & time range.

3. Select Your Filters.

You may filter your results using any or all of these selection fields:

Internal Form Name – By default the system will display all donations that came in through all forms. You may select a single form from the list to limit the results to just those donations that came through that form. If you want to filter by form, the system will only let you select one form at a time. You can submit a ticket to have a field added to your form, if needed.

Read My Name On Air – If you have a question on your form that asks donors whether or not it is OK to thank them on the air, you can use this drop-down to filter the results to only see donations from donor who have confirmed it is OK to thank them on the air. If you do NOT have this question on your form, make sure “All Comments” is selected from this drop-down, otherwise your filter won’t return any results.

Transaction Date – Use the drop-down menu to select a date range for your filter. You can select a start and end, date, year, and hour of the day.

Once you have selected your filters, click on the GO button to run your filters and re-load the report.

View Your Results On-Screen

Pledges that meet the criteria of your search will display on-screen for review:

The on-screen report includes donor's name, city, state, comments, spouse name, pledge amount & pledge date.

Print and Download CSV Buttons

The PRINT button at the top of the report will send the pledges displayed to your default printer, and print one pledge per page. 

The CSV button will download a .CSV file to your computer containing the fields included in the on-screen display.  It is designed to give you a subset of pledge information needed to review pledges coming in & their related comments.  Full pledge details are available in the Donation Export Report.

Read more on the reports and dashboards available in your Marketing Forms account.

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