Core Publisher: How do I enable the Listen Live button in my header?

There are three options to give your site visitors access to your digital audio stream:
  1. The Listen Live button in the Header
  2. The Triton Persistent Player
  3. The Persistent Player (non-Triton streams)
If you plan to use a third-party popup player, you can link to it in the Listen Live button in your site Header. Pop-up players open up a separate window in the listener's browser with an audio player that they can control. We do not recommend using a pop-up player for your stream in most situations because they do not provide the best mobile listening experience. We instead recommend using either of the Persistent Player options.

To enable the Listen Live button in your Header to link to popup player:

  1. Go to the Configure Corepublisher link in your top gray/black admin bar.

  2. Select the Manage Player option in the Other Site Management Links section.
  3. Click on the None box under Site Player, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save button.
  4. Click on the Station Streams link in the Edit Queues block to the far left in your admin and confirm that that correct information is entered for each of your streams. Most importantly, confirm that the link in the Streaming MP3 URL field is correct. Make any necessary changes, then click on the Save Queue button.
  5. Click on the Listen Live link in the Edit Queues block to the far left in your admin to customize the Listen Live button.
  6. Check the Number of rows field. The number in that field should be at least "1". If it is "0", type "1" into the fiend and click on the Rebuild button.
  7. Edit the Button Text that will display on the button in your header.
  8. Confirm that the URL is the correct link to your player.
  9. Check the Popup? checkbox so that your player will open up in a new window.
  10. Enter the Width and Height for your the popup window that your player will display in.
  11. Check the Display checkbox.
  12. Click on the Save Queue button to save your changes.
You can change the color of your Listen Live button in your Header admin. Click on the Configure Corepublisher link and select Header from the Homepage Management section. Scroll down to the Header Button Colors section and change the color in the Listen Live Button field to the desired color.

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