Core Publisher: Making Changes to Your Homepage Layout

Your homepage layout is managed using the Homepage Layout Manager, accessed through the Layout link in your top grey and black admin bar.

Regions: There are three distinct homepage regions -- A, B and C -- represented by different colored blocks in the Homepage Layout Manager. The different homepage regions adapt to various screen sizes.

Blocks Bullpen: Any blocks that you create in the Block Factory are automatically added to the Blocks Bullpen so you can drag and drop them into your regions. Any block can be added to any homepage region.

Layouts: The default tab is your primary layout. Create additional layouts by clicking the “+” tab next to the default layout tab. The green LIVE label indicates the layout that is live on your Core Publisher site.

Publish, Preview & Save for Later: The Publish button makes the selected layout live. The Preview button allows you to preview the layout in a popup window. The Save for Later button saves your layout without making it live.

The three homepage regions have a different arrangement depending on whether the view is on a wider screen like desktop or tablet (1 and 2), a tablet in portrait mode (3), or a smartphone (4). Homepage blocks are optimized for each region, meaning they can look different depending on whether they are placed into Region A, B, or C. They are also optimized for different devices — so they may look different on smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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